Jim Mikles: 1980

Commercial Recording & Production for Radio, TV & the Web

Commercial production is the backbone of my business. With 1000's of spots produced from apples to zebras, if you can sell it, I've probably done a commercial for it.

Production Services include:

Here's a random client list drawn from my mix database, click here for a new list:

After 30 years it's hard to pick representative work, but here are a few, just for fun.'

Condo Dweller

Produced by Rick Marchesano, this humorous spot utilizes sound design and music to capture the feel of a BBC documentary. One of my favorite aspects is that we actually cast and recorded the VO in Britain via the internet.



Sometimes simple is better. This web video is one of my favorite examples of that principal. Produced by Rick Marchesano with the elegant voice of Diane Bean this clip is beautifully simple.



This spot, originally mixed in 5.1 for theatrical commercial release, is an example of audio support for targeted advertising. Released in limited theaters, playing specific movies, it is possible to reach a very select audience.


Aces Web Series

This web series is a good example of making a tight budget work. With minimal sound design and music, it required extensive work in iZotope RX to rescue location dialog tracks. The stylized fight scene at 6:33 was intentionally overdone for comic contrast with the reality version at 10:01 .